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<A Citizen> is a unique RP-concept guild based around the comings and goings of the ‘normal’ people in Alliance cities. Not everyone is on the battlefield or spending time in Dalaran with the Kirin Tor. Not everyone has seen a dragon, even! We RP the dockworkers, canal-dredgers, gravediggers, merchants, librarians, tram-operators, mail carriers, etc that keep the Alliance machine rolling. But who wants to RP a laborer?? So far, 119 people. These characters don’t have a lot of war stories or knowledge about things ‘regular' characters see, but they all are developed and possess their own personalities, back stories, and ambitions. They are also all under level 10. 

The ultimate purpose for this guild is to cause random roleplay throughout the cities. We go out of our way to interact with ‘strangers’ and provoke exchanges and conversations with others. There is no such thing as ‘mundane’ when it comes to NPCs—we’ve come to realize what dangerous lives they lead! You can fully expect to be pushed around and caught in the middle of things you can’t affect or control. You can fully expect that some characters will die. Since we are all under level 10, things like that happen more easily. 

To Join: 
Simply whisper one of the officers in game. Each incoming member is required to have an ‘occupation’ to RP, which is listed in everyone’s personal note. There is no race restriction, but all members must remain under level 10 or they will be removed. 

  • Kreegle
  • Oriendi
  • Daarenn
  • Dorin
  • Falunay
  • Ruc
  • Riannah
  • Leprichi
  • Bernin

Guild Bank: 
We have a guild bank set up as a community wardrobe! This bank is filled with low level, non-binding clothes and items to be used in RP and shared with each other. To access this feature, a one time donation of 10g is required. This cost is used to purchase more RP clothes and offset the losses that come from people borrowing things they never return. Anyone who consistently abuses the community wardrobe will lose the privilege. 

It’s very important to me for this guild to have a good reputation, so respect is required at all times. Be respectful to others’ RP, and don’t cause any undue or unwanted trouble. Learn from others’ RP and keep improving! Keep guild chat respectful and always take the high road in any OOC conflict. Anyone who causes unnecessary drama will be kicked. There is no inactivity policy. 

Information for ‘regular’ characters: 
Feel free to use our characters in your RPs! Do you need bystanders or civilians? Call on us! Also, please feel free to (kindly and conscientiously) offer tips and help to us about our RP. Several of our members are new to this and are still learning. 

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